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Elphaba’s Bliss is an indica-dominant cross of Chunky Diesel and White Slipper. The parent strains offer amazing, sweet diesel flavors and aromas that will leave the senses in a state of bliss. This strain is great to unwind and mellow out any afternoon or evening.

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Buy Elphaba Bliss online, Elphaba’s Bliss is a descendant of the Swiss Sativa plant and has a rather infamous origin story. The plants were originally cultivated in Switzerland, as the name might suggest, but were seized by the authorities and brought to Holland and were given a home at Paradise Seeds. Buy Elphaba Bliss online.

It was created by crossing parent strains Chunky Diesel x White Slipper, which draws together the Jack Herer and Diesel lineages for flavor and aromatics that are beyond this world. A toke of these ladies delivers a blueberry muffin taste and effects that will saturate your world in Technicolor magic. Follow the yellow brick road to euphoric bliss with Elphaba’s Bliss and see why there is no place like Terrapin Care Station.


This Swiss child boasts an incredibly high 23% THC content, giving it some powerful effects that leave users in complete bliss. The nugs are bright green with frosty crystal trichomes and a sparse sprinkle of orange hairs. Tropical flavored with bright fruity and nutty overtones, these small sweet-smelling buds will make you feel more like you are on a beach in Jamaica than a mountaintop in central Europe.

Often described as a social butterfly strain, Elphaba’s Bliss will have you energetic and talkative in just a few short hits. In spite of the giggle fits you’ll experience, the creativity you find will have you opening your mind to all sorts of new possibilities and channeling that experience into art. Enjoy the razor-sharp focus that will help you get through any slumps in the day and become a master of your to-do list without breaking a sweat. Buy Elphaba Bliss online.

The mood-boosting attributes of this strain make it not just a favorite of artists, but of medical users as well. Enjoy the relief from depression, bipolar, fatigue, and social anxiety. For those who suffer from insomnia, enjoy the hard-hitting comedown that will have you falling into a sedative-like sleep. This strain is also beneficial in the treatment of pain, muscle aches, and headaches. In short, Elphaba’s Bliss can tackle nearly anything you throw at it.

Calming, yet somehow energetic, Elphaba’s Bliss has a little bit of something for everyone. Enjoy the tropical flavors and soothing aromas as you smoke this one down. Try it in a bubbler or vape for a smoother smoke, or if you are feeling adventurous, cooking hard candies or other sweets makes for a flavorful and hard-hitting way to round out your day.





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