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lurricane Strain is indica-dominant cannabis with delicious flavours and great aromas. Producers created this great weed by crossing two phenom strains Purple Punch and Do-Si-Dos. Slurricane Strain’s buds display beautiful emerald green leaves, vivid orange hairs and covered in a coating of THC Trichomes.

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Slurricane is an indica-leaning hybrid that luckily, shouldn’t cause you to slur your words. Its name suggests that you’ll be hit with a quick onset of effects that relax you from head to toe, which is an effect that some reviewers of this strain have reported. Some have said they felt a light tingling spread down the back of their neck and into their body, eliminating tension. Others explained that they experienced couch-lock as a sense of drowsiness pleasantly overwhelmed them. Many reviewers stated that their mood improved though they had a bit of trouble focusing.

Consumers of Slurricane shared that it helped them with migraines, headaches, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and even cramps. Some have said they’ve used it for chronic fatigue as it allowed them to find sleep easily.

THC levels of Slurricane can be quite high, with batches reaping in at up to 28%. Upon opening a container filled with Slurricane, you’ll be able to distinguish notes of spices and earth mixed with berries, especially blueberries, that might remind you of a delicious fruity tea.

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  • Slurricane Genetics: Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch
  • Cannabis Type: Indica dominant Hybrid (60% Indica/ 40% Sativa)

  • THC: 22-28% | CBD: 0.1-1%

  • Flavour & Aroma: Pungent, earthy, skunky, and citrus

  • Appearance: Large sized buds with light orange hairs and plenty of purple hues combined with tremendous icy trichomes and pine green leaves

  • Texture: Solid, crispy, and sticky

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