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(Sour Diesel x Alien Kush)

Sour Alien OG is an indica-dominant cross of Sour Diesel and Alien Kush. This cross has sour, skunky, funky, and fruity notes tucked away in each bud. Sour Alien OG has a robust mental buzz that is definitely otherworldly full of energy and creativity, but it also has been said to give some serious “couch-lock” so proceed with caution.

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The Super Sour Alien is hybrid of original Sour Alien and Sour Diesel. Although it is a sativa dominant strain, the effects can make you feel that it is an indica dominant strain. Consumers can experience relaxation and might even fall asleep. Basically, super sour alien strain comprises of soar alien which sprouts dense and spongy dark coloured buds with firey pistils and moderate trichome cover.

The aroma of this cannabis plant is very much like citrus, jet fuel and skunk combined together. But when the mixed odour is burnt with indica dominant flower taste, it appears as if as if sweet pine is mixed with chunks of fruit. It is the alien diesel strain is responsible for producing body highs in users.

For developing indica or sativa dominant sour alien og strain, use of alien kush and alien dawg is made. The strain injects an energy shot to the human brain that makes the user cheerful and having soothing feelings. Therefore, indica or sativa dominant strains are ideal for patients who have medical conditions like from migraines, headaches, nausea and other minor body pains.

Users can take sour alien OG strain anytime during the day and feel motivated to focus on daily tasks. As the strain consists of alien kush and sour diesel, it will deliver a remarkable high to the user and make the user fully contented. Thus, one can experience cannabis to the fullest and feel motivated to carry on with their day-to-day work.

The process of blending Indica or Sativa dominant hybrid strains is a complex one but it can reduce aches and pains.





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